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Scottish Actor, Writer, Broadcaster, Director and Entertainer

Rate Card 2015 for VOICE WORK only

I have been providing professional voice overs for the last 25 years in the UK, Europe & the USA. 

Please get in touch for a quote or take a look at my rates below, which should be used as a guide.

To ensure fair, reasonable and competitive quotes as  a  long standing  Equity member I follow standard Equity price guidelines.  I work fast and have a reputation for doing things "in one take".

It’s usual to charge a BSF (basic studio fee) and then calculate usage on top. 

Please get in touch for a personalised and more detailed quote.

ILR Commercials - depending on use, length, repeat work etc

Broadcast Radio VOICE WORK

Local: £170 – £350

Regional: £150 – £400

National: £400 – £5000

Tags (5-10s): Local: £15 – £70 Regional: £50 – £150 National: £75 – £175

Broadcast TV  VOICE WORK

from £400 

Animation, cartoon, games

Broadcast: £75 – £500 per hour

Non-Broadcast: £50 – £200 per hour

Narration, documentary, Audio book £185 – £250 per hour

Corporate Video Voice Over Rates (Promo, Industrial, Training Video Etc)

Basic studio fee: £250 per hour or part hour.
Websites: £185-£500

Training and presentation guides

£185-£1000 (depending on length)

Podcasts: £50-£200
Educational & E-Learning: £150-£200 per hour
Products (including toys): £185-£250 + buyout

Telephony (on-hold, IVR, menu prompts etc)  £50-£200 (depending on number of prompts)