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Like any self-respecting panto dame, Euan McIver, who also produced the show, grabbed the limelight with a host of outrageous outfits and suggestive innuendoes. Donning everything from a washing detergent packet to an array of ostrich feathers, the dresses alone kept the audience well entertained. (Aladdin)

With the show being named after her, Mother Goose had some pretty big stilettos to fill but jumping from producer to panto dame, Euan certainly stepped up to the plate and like many a panto dame, and actual Dame (Shirley Bassey springs to mind!), Euan had a top drawer wardrobe too. (Mother Goose)

Euan, as Cornelius Hackl, was particularly funny (Hello Dolly)

Fagin started to consider his long-term prospects in 'Reviewing The Situation', which really gave Euan McIver a chance to make the stage his own. (Oliver !)

As The King Euan once again showed he can step into any role with ease. And although he didn't opt for the bald headed look carried off by Yul Bryner, Euan took on his royal title with gusto and added his own touches along the way,his commanding performance gathered great applause from the audience.

Euan’s acting talent once again got to shine through. (The King and I)

There was really no-one better suited to the part of Fred than Euan McIver, once again he came up trumps. (Kiss Me Kate)

We were treated to a few more slinky Katie Price-esque numbers, a yellow getup that was like a slimmed down version of Anne Widdicombe's Strictly number ! ( Snow White)

Euan McIver made a particularly impressive Grand Vizier (Aladdin)

Euan McIver was an eminently hissable green faced baddie (Jack and The Beanstalk)

Euan McIver left the wings and stood in the still warm shoes of his mentor Stanley Baxter at the King's Theatre last night when the star was laid low with a throat infection. Without faltering either vocally or in his performance McIver gave the capacity audience an amazing reproduction of the star even tackling with ease the Parliamo Glasgow Songsheet. (Cinderella)

And then we come to the highlight of the show.  Molly Coddle’s duet with the Squire – a deeply disturbing routine that will haunt men with a fear of skincare regimes forever.  I found myself honking with delight as desperate Molly (Euan McIver) – in a splendidly snug and flesh-coloured spangly frock – and the less-than-keen Squire ( Rick Mondeau) thrust and parried lines of an adapted “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in complementary tenors.  Priceless. ( Goldilocks)

..."a strong vein of salty humour keeps things buoyant, and the actors—particularly Euan McIver, as as a twinkly-eyed Jim—bond like brothers...." ( A Cinema in South Georgia)

"Euan McIver plays Jim Gordon with an easy natural skill that suits this sort of comedy. He is a joy to watch and a rock upon which the show can be propelled along. We empathise most with his character’s cheeky-chappy shenanigans." ( A Cinema in South Georgia)

"The four actors have a most splendid chemistry, led by the professionally outstanding Euan McIver"  ( A Cinema in South Georgia)

Pinning the show together was the great Euan McIver, who is no stranger to the world’s stage, having starred in plays, musicals, TV and film here and in the US.

His comic timing was spot on and knew how to work the room.  (Little Red Riding Hood 2015 - as Granny Tingle)

...turned in a fine performance, so too Euan McIver as a grasping merchant. (Royal Lyceum 1979)

The Scotsman 1978 - MY VERY FIRST REVIEW !

Euan McIver who played the head waiter displayed an extraordinary talent for caricaturing Edinburgh's high pannery, and is destined for greater things.