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                             An insight  - an interview with Euan

How did you begin acting?

I have always been a bit of a performer - I was always chosen for school nativity plays and the like. Loved things like the after school drama club - my drama teacher insisted I applied for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama even although I was destined for Law. I did the audition but never dreamed I?d actually get in - and the rest as they say is history.

At what stage in your career did you realise that acting could be something you do professionally?

I trained for teaching not the stage in order to have a BA Degree behind me, but I always wanted to perform and set out on my career path with that intention from day one - Ive had some "interesting" jobs along the way from Floor Managing at the BBC to Human Resources and met some amazing people. The older you get the more life experience you have to draw on and the rounder and fuller your performances become. Only a favoured few can do this job as a full time profession.

Please list any famous performances that have helped you in reference to your evolution in acting.

Working with the great Stanley Baxter taught me so much. Working as his stage double and understudy meant a fairly close liaison and he is the most generous performer, willing to share tips and secrets, methodologies and stagecraft learned over many years. As a young man having this information has stood me in good stead and I have been able to build on it and mould it to my own ways over the years. When I had to actually "go on" when the maestro was ill - was probably the one single event that influenced me as a performer and cemented my relationship with the stage

Please list three actors and three actresses that you like.

Just three ?

Stanley Baxter, Ewan McGregor, Tom Selleck 
Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench,  Julie Walters 

What type of psychological, physical, and emotional preparation do you do before a performance?

Depends what the role is - but I usually like a few minutes alone before I go on just to collect my thoughts, think about my first lines and establishing the character. I like to be in the wings, or somewhere nearby on set to see how the preceding scenes are going and to gauge an audience or the mood on set.    If Im singing I do try to do a few vocal excercises to warm up the voice and open up the throat beforehand. 

What is your criteria in determining which projects you select?

Nowadays after 30 years in the business I ask myself if this role is something different , will it stretch me, provide me with a challenge ? How long does this role last ? Who am I working with and where ?     

What type of communication do you normally establish with directors?

I would hope the director would establish communication with his actors - and do the job of directing. If not then I would try to find out if the character was being developed to their liking by coming right out and asking - however, most directors are very verbose !

What is the archetypal character in which you tend to be typecast?

Usually authority figures - policemen, detectives, the King (in the King and I) OR Villains - pantomime baddies, film villains, evil characters, Fagin 

Do you see yourself working in this field in twenty years?

I do hope so - as an actor there are always great roles you can grow into 

Which director would you like to read this interview? What type of role would you like for him/her to offer you?

I would love the Artistic Director of the Scottish National Theatre Company to read this - I would love to work for my national theatre company in my home country. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in acting?

Dont give up - it may seem impossible - but keep trying, those who give up easily will never get anywhere and dont forget there is more rejection in this business than any other. Its also a VERY small world and the feet you step on today may be attached to the rear you have to kiss tomorrow.
Dont let age put you off going to drama school - Id LOVE to go back now that Im older with a wealth of life experiences to draw on and do the whole thing again.


I AM acting bored -  honest !!

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