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Scottish Actor, Writer, Broadcaster, Director and Entertainer


These are minimum guidelines.Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

SELL THROUGH (produced for commercial exploitation) £450 per day, plus 100% of the total aggregate fees paid, for either 3 years use (sales) only, or per tranche of 5000 units sold, whichever is reached the earlier. 

EDUCATIONAL (produced for purchase or exhibition e.g. health centres, schools, museums, information centres etc.) £325 per day, plus 100% of the total aggregate fees paid, for 3 years public exhibition use. 

CORPORATE (produced for non broadcast, usually for showing to Company Sales Force, or as an in house training video.) NB. The term “corporate” is often used to describe product that DOES NOT come into this category e.g. Advertising, In Store/Branch promotional use £325 per day which includes use for 3 years. 

COMMERCIALS (produced for such commercial use as in Stores, Branches and promotional purposes.) £345 per day plus either 100% for 3 months use or 200% for 1 years use. 

IN FLIGHT (produced for use on aeroplanes.) 
NB. Also as a guideline as a secondary use for programmes/films, if the rights owner should request a rate. £500 per day plus additional payment of the daily fee for 3 months use. 

WEB-SITE (for use on one web-site) £300, 100% for 3 months use, 400% for 1 years use