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Scottish Actor, Writer, Broadcaster, Director and Entertainer

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The  youngest of three children, his mother through her charity works and volunteering rose to become a Commander of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem.

Euan is a deeply private person, he keeps his own life completely separate from his professional life, however it is well known he temporarily gave up his performing career to nurse his terminally ill partner, taking some time to return to the stage. 

Euan's personality means those who encounter him find they make solid friendships, he met and maintained a short friendship with Katharine Hepburn until her death, remarked on in society columns at the time as she had become reclusive in her later years due to her worsening Parkinson's Disease.

An inspiration and role model, the performer Patrick Fyffe often found comfort by talking to Euan during the dark days towards the end of his terminal illness. They talked also of how Dame Hilda Bracket's memory could live on, a mantle Patrick passed to Euan. Patrick told his agent "Euan can sound identical to Dame Hilda" and this led to "Dame Hilda" providing the voices for some award winning radio commercials despite being only days from passing away. The two grew a very strong and close bond. This empathy may be better understood when, after suffering several months of acute pain and crippling headaches Euan was also discovered to have an almost inoperable cranial tumor, diagnosed as clinically terminal.

Undeterred by the warnings that intervention could leave him permanently paralysed or in a persistant vegetative state Euan chose to  undergo pioneering laser surgery in 2001 in France, where one of the world's only specialised laser clinics was able to save his sight and his life. This ray of hope was something that Patrick was never to have, but a living friend who had conquered the impossible spurred Patrick on. (See also heroes and heroines page.)

After his surgery Euan overcame temporary paralysis and later donated enough funds to buy a second specialised laser and provide training and a salary for four year period for a surgeon to operate the equipment after the consultant who saved Euan's life tragically perished in the Indonesian Tsunami of 30 December 2004.

In 2008 he became involved with the plight of Cheyenne, a Tennessee Walking Horse who was condemned to be euthanised but was reprieved and became one of the first three legged horses in the world, walking with a prosthetic leg.

While in the USA he used spare time while waiting on set to write short pieces of observational writings, seen by a writer at CBS, he was directed to a writing co-operative. Euan's writings were "adapted" for the US market, he has several pen names and he still contributes to the co-operative. Sales of their writings help to fund writing courses and provide support for other writers. 

In 2008 Euan was added to the TimeLife Hall of Fame for his services to creative writing, community production and stage directing and working in television movies and furthermore in 2009 his charitable works and financial donations to assist with eye cancers and the delicate surgery required were recognised when he was ennobled, by kind permission of the French Justice Ministry in Paris, with the ancient hereditary French title Marquis de Crevecoeur.