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Scottish Actor, Writer, Broadcaster, Director and Entertainer

A show conceived, written and starring Euan McIver as he explores 3,000 years of men playing women in the theatre , right through Music Hall, Pantomime and TV stars of today. 

About the show ....

Matthew Rooke wrote :

The Maltings Theatre have just premiered a piece called “Dragging Up The Past” by Euan McIver which is a racy romp through 16 costume changes and 3,000 years of  men dressing up as women throughout the history of Theatre.  Where else today on stage is one going to see Bette Davis, Joan Bakewell, Sister Wendy, Danny La Rue, Stanley Baxter, Mrs Noah, Dame Hilda Bracket, and go from Stonewall to Dame Edna in one night to name but a few?  It really is a pacey, kaleidoscopic show and a lot of fun, underpinned by real talent and featuring costumes worn and owned by Danny La Rue, Dame Edna and Hinge and Bracket to name but some.

For many years Euan was Stanley Baxter’s stage understudy and double in Glasgow  and there is a breath-taking, outrageously funny sequence where by Euan plays Stanley doing a Parliamo Glasgow sketch taking on Al-Quaeda before the show concludes with a really enjoyable audience (provided of course you are not the one who has attracted her gimlet eye!) with Dame Edna.

"Superb portrayal of Dame Hilda Bracket"

"Thrilled that you paid tribute to Danny La Rue and in such spectacular style"

"It was as if I'd been transported back to the good old days of British Variety"

"Bette Davis at her most acerbic, enjoyed every moment"

"This was where Euan really came into his own"

"What a wonderful evening with the stars by A star !"

"Remarkably realistic Danny La Rue  and the absolute double of Dame Hilda Bracket" 

" more Baxter than Baxter - phenomenal ! "