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"...And Sullivan" a new one act play by Matthew Rooke

A fascinating insight into Sir Arthur Sullivan's life, cut tragically short at age 58,  written by Matthew Rooke. The play takes place on the night of Sullivan's death, St Cecelia's day, November 22nd 1900.

Performed by Euan McIver, the play looks back over his life, his loves and his dreams and philosophy.

Sir Arthur Sullivan for such an apparently conventional high Victorian had a surprisingly interesting life that wouldn't be out of place splashed across the gossip pages today. He also grappled with the demons of having been hailed as the future of music in Britain and was never quite forgiven by his peers for pursuing the life of luxury and popular acclaim. "& Sullivan...." is based on Sir Arthur mulling over yet another pointed review and having the ghosts of his past creations flooding back to haunt him as he remembers lost loves and dreams and on life always after the ampersand and not before it!